space ranger troop alpha


a group of transhuman children that often do activities together in a supervised club like atmosphere. they are all in the formative stages of there lives and too young to have backups or cortical stacks, many station members earn rep aranging activities and day trips for the youngsters, giving there parents some much needed alone time.

clarity and solace octavia a precocious and hi energy pair of octopus uplifts these two get into everything they are a riot of colors and patters changing their chromaphotaic skin with wild abandon

Timothy Schwimer a athletic young man of 8 of splicer decent, likes to help out and is the most well behaved of the group. A clean cut kid he tends to wear athletic wear with his favorite comet chaser heroes emblazoned on them and is ken to talk about the notch sport

Harriet Jones a 6 year old girl of bouncer decent a relentless snoop who is the first to snitch on her friends, she is incredibly distrustful of adults. her parents are going through trouble and doing there best to hide it from her. just making her more unsure of her place in the world. A small girl with shoulder length brown hair that foots about her like a chorona. She is always browsing the mesh and attending to her small spy its that circle her like flys

Barbara sterner a 7 year old girl of menton decent, she is a know it all who tests the boundaries set for her at every chance. she has a little crush on timothy and plays pranks on him every chance you gets. Blond hair and piercing blue eyes that crackle with intelligence. She often wears a sundress that projects a serene blue sky that changes with her moods

Toney is the mentally youngest but physically strongest at 5 years old this mountain gorilla uplift is a sweet young man that doe not know his own strength at five years his body is nearly fully grown but his mind is at a normal development path. He is a shy mountain of brown black fur and often sucks his thumb when nervis



space ranger troop alpha

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