Rinlog Wodd

An old and big cluster habitat that has grown out of control. It was originally built or at least dominated by the “Kinshasa Buffaloo Bills”, an African take on the Wild West. But over time the Bills have been loosing influence to the NyAsgarda, a subculture drawing on the Ukrainian pagan amazons. The interior is a mess of ancient plastic ducts a la Brazil, bioengineered banyan carrying air purification epiphytes and the occasional rune stone. Someone has bioengineered big blue beetles that display Clint Eastwood quotes on their elytra. The inhabitants are 30% of Central African extraction speaking “Hindoubill”, 30% of some form of nordic/slavic background (or pretending to) and the rest the usual scum barge melange.

The NyAsgarda use all-female morphs and call each other sisters (even the self-identified males). They tend towards simple, nearly ascetic clothing styles and carry wooden rods that double as weapons, freerunning tools and communications devices. Their ideology is a modernist take on Norse paganism mixed with a bit of anarchofeminism and stern self-perfection. They are somewhere in between the Jovians and Ultimates, but far more pragmatic and willing to deal with outsiders.

The NyAsgarda have found a useful niche as bodyguards, orderlies and security for hire. Their reputation for integrity and strict adherence to oaths helps a lot. Their Systema-inspired martial arts, unlike the guns of the Bills, fit in nicely with the needs of Phelan’s society. This is giving them a steady stream of rep that allows them to dominate Rinlog Wodd more and more. Soon they hope to get enough to restructure the habitat into something better or maybe even cultivate their own. The Bills are not too thrilled, and there are occasional run-ins with yamakasi cowboys who want to show who is the boss high noon-style.

The NyAsgarda (unlike the Bills) are unlikely to be a problem unless the PCs are problems. Guardians can be seen near the docks and markets, where they keep watch for trouble. They will direct inquisitive PCs to the Thing, where their leader Sigyn presides in front of a zero gravity oak tree carrying the tribal symbols and network nodes. If given some good cover story (or even a variant of the truth – she does not like the idea of antimatter being smuggled through her habitat) she will help set up a link or help bring Itakura Shigeme around to her point of view

Rinlog Wodd

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