Fornjot is one of the Norse moons of Saturn, a 6 km speck in a distant retrograde orbit 0.14 AU from the planet. It is irregularly shaped, little more than a drifting iceberg.

Most of the surface of Fornjot is merely a jumble of reddish ice and regolith rock, dimly lit by the remote sun. The landscape is a mixture of rough ice walls and rubble pile chaotic terrain. The gravity is so low (0.0007 m/s^2) that it is practically non-existent. Objects will drift around, and movement is not so much on the surface as near the surface.

A few places show clear human activity. In one spot a large ice surface has been

smoothed and inscribed with a complex pattern of Hebrew characters (a set of psalms) surrounding a vast sketch of an angel. Under the surface there is a big
antenna array that was used by the Covenant to listen for signals in radio noise In
another place there is a cube made of processed ice, with the 22 hebrew letters
arranged on the surface according to the pattern in chapter five of the Sepher
Yetzirah. The ice contains a large number of nanomachines whose only purpose is
to represent different letters.

The habitat is a cylinder halfway buried in the ice of Fornjot. It consists of a central cylinder surrounded by 16 smaller cylinders, 8 around the circumference arranged in two sets. The upper 8 cylinders are living spaces, the deeper 8 storage and engineering sections. The central cylinder is half living habitat, half essential engineering systems. In a crisis access to outside cylinders can be cut by bulkheads.

The interior is dominated by a long cylindrical zero-g garden/atrium with rooms and gripways along the sides. Part of the atrium is a hydroponic garden. At the deep end there is a magnificent golden altar surrounded by a chapel that is used for religious ceremonies. Behind the chapel are the engineering levels, housing servers, the reactor, robot lockers, life support and other essentials.

The main docking/airlock entrance is at the outer end, where there is an entrance space and tool locker. The entrance is decorated by a lion-headed golden cherub surrounded by a tiling pattern based on the Hebrew character beth. Each of the habitat cylinders also has a smaller airlock for emergencies and personal use, of course decorated by the character daleth.

Each side-cylinder has a central corridor surrounded by doors leading into wedge-shaped rooms. There are two doorways linking into the main cylinder. These can be sealed with airtight bulkheads in an emergency.


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