Erik Censa

As the mesh Echoes and Changes, The Lion watches


Founder of Mane Security Systems, Erik Cesna operates as the infamous hacker, The Lion, in secret.

Before the fall, hacking was all too easy for Cesna. He found his way into guarded databases before even realizing that he had started breaking down a firewall. The flaws in digital security awakened a dissatisfaction within him that he could not stomach, he had to make them better.

He needed them to be unbreakable.

Cesna would go on to found Mane Security Systems and develop countermeasures to all of his own methods of hacking and to all others that would attempt to break his systems. He made it an obsession for himself, he refined it again and again. Each refinement left him more possessed. And then The Fall came.

Everything he had built was destroyed in front of his eyes, he could only stop what he focused his attention on, but TITAN had broken everything that was not his. The obsession became more than that, it became a madness.

Rebuilding MSS was his first step. He brought his company back, stronger than ever, stronger than his clients had intended. His new vision of security made it impossible for his clients to rely on MSS. The security measures would activate and lock out clients from their own databases. The fallout from this caused Cesna to be driven from his own company and put on retainer.

Erik Censa

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